Imperial Valley's Leading Industries

The Imperial Valley is an agricultural hub, best known for supplying 2/3 of vegetables to the U.S. during winter months. With the state's most affordable water, energy, land and workforce, Imperial Valley's natural resources have paved the way for industry growth and innovation. From renewable energy production, advanced agriculture and biofuels to manufacturing, international trade and logistics, Imperial Valley is seeing a ground swell of companies across a wide set of industries that are recognizing the unique opportunities of doing business here.

Imperial Valley is...
  • The top North American region in renewable energy production 

  • #1 region in North America and #2 region worldwide for geothermal energy production

  • An agricultural hub known for supplying 2/3 of the nation's vegetables during winter months

  • #1 producer of alfalfa, sudan, sugar beets & sweet corn in California

  • #2 producer of cattle, lettuce, broccoli, carrots, spinach, dates, vegetable and vinecrop in California

  • The Leading export market to Mexico, Canada & Asia

Imperial Valley Regional Profile

This profile shares a concise guide to doing business in Imperial Valley, with more information about Imperial Valley's assets, incentives and leading industries.

Imperial County is rich in natural beauty, local history, and culture. The unique culture blends two different countries, the United States and Mexico due to its geographic location along the international border. This blend, along with a small town atmosphere and an agricultural based economy, lends itself to a strong work ethic...

Industry Profiles

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